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"welcome to my decent website" - AFasterSlowpoke, 2023

This is mainly a personal website/passion project, and making this thing is my first time using HTML/CSS.

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about me

I'm a 16 year old male (he/him) who lives in the United Kingdom.

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This site is also UNDER SOME CONSTRUCTION!!!

am i supposed to add 37 GIFs here (also it's pronounced GIF with a hard G, not JIF with a soft G and anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong /j /lh)



there's no artificial intelligence here, just natural stupidity. (AI art sucks)

Authentic Unofficial "EVERYBODY DO THE FLOP" Flags!
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[WIP (for probably forever)] My fanmade JJT difficulties
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Buttons. Of course there's a section for buttons. They aren't clickable though. (credit to bonki's epic site)

As of 30th December 2023, I NOW HAVE MY OWN BUTTON, DESIGNED IN MS PAINT! Feel free to put it onto your website!

low quality YMCA